Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New Hoodie Colors

We are glad to introduce NEW Colors to H*OUT DUBAI 

- Nude Beige 
- Baby Pink 
- Marine Blue 
- Military Green

Check out the uploaded designs on H*OUT Dubai's Instagram page! 

Friday, September 09, 2016

UAE Flag Hoodie - Limited Edition

Get your gear ready for UAE's National day with H*OUT Dubai!

100% Cotton hoodie with a full hand sewed UAE Flag hoodie

Unisex sizes - They run big. 

S / M / L / XL 

Price: 200 AED 

You can also request for a print on the back (in arabic) your name as well as a number
This is an additional 50 Dirhams to the original price 



You can also request for a print on the back (in arabic) your name as well as a number
This is an additional 50 Dirhams to the original price 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Clearance Sale 2016!

From plain hoodies and sweatshirts to collection H*OUT Products
Select and buy before they all run out! 

Contact us on email or whatsapp to place your orders and get your goodies at amazing prices

Whatsapp: +971509417555

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Plain Hoodies
70 AED 
White (XS)
Crimson Red (XXS, XS)
Burgundy (XXS, XS)

Plain Sweatshirts
70 AED 
Burgundy with pockets (XS, S)
Burgundy without pockets - (S)
Grey with double line Varsity print on the arms (M)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Obey with flock material print
Was: 180AED
Now: 130AED

I LOVE New York
Was: 180AED
Now: 140AED

Hakuna Mtata
(XS, S)
Was: 180AED
Now: 130AED

Fries Victory
Was: 180AED
Now: 130AED

PIZZA (White)
(XS only)
Was: 170AED
Now: 130AED

(XS only)
Was: 170AED
Now: 120AED

Halla Waalla
Was: 180AED
Now: 120AED

Horoscope Hoodies 
Was: 150AED
Now: 120AED

White (XS) 

Burgundy (XXXS/ XXS)

Red (XXS/XS)

- Sagittarius, XSmall (Ready to Deliver)

Was: 150AED
Now: 120AED

Teen Wolf hoodies 
Burgundy (XXXS/ XXS/ XS)
Stilinski, McCall, Lahey, Dunbar, Whittemore
Was: 150AED
Now: 120AED

PAARTY MINIONS! Sublimated Sweatshirt
Last Piece...
180 AED

Floos Beanies
- White thin embroidery
- Yellow Carbon Print 
- Red Carbon Print 
Was: 100AED
Now: 40AED

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Buy 1 and Save a Child's life

Stop poverty by donating! HOW?
H*OUT Dubai is proud to present this creative way of raisin money to the poor by using one of their new products as a donation to the poor. 

The money raised by 'us', 'you' and 'we' all together will be donated to charity to help support the needy's lifestyle whether it's their shelter, clothes, food/water and education. 

Life is beautiful. God presents us with this gift of life not to suffer from what we can have as our right. Our kids are protected and have primary care. In reality, the situation is quite different. 

Our mutual efforts, our support... This is what the poor need most of all. Together we will fulfil our duty of cherishing every human life. 

Lets go on building the bonds of friendship and goodness to this world. 

"Buy one and save a child's life" 

Per 'Fries Victory' hoodie, 10% will be donated to the poor and hopefully we will be able to raise as much as we can by the end of Ramadan and donate it fully to people that are in need in Africa, Syria, Gaza (Palestine) and so on. 

A little treat for customers... If you buy a Fries Victory hoodie, You will receive 10% discount for your next H*OUT Dubai purchase!  

To Order:
Whatsapp : +971509417555
Email : 

Fries Victory hoodie for 180 AED
10% will be donated to charity 

(Delivery cost is not included) 

Friday, February 07, 2014

Morphine Collection

-   Suitable for both Males & Females (UNISEX).
-   Prices are fixed and will not change with big quantity order.
-   Size chart :
-   Ordering through Email, Blackberry messenger or Whatsapp
-   You are able to adjust the sleeves by making the hoodie sleeveless or tshirt sleeved

"Original Gangster" 
Color:   Black with White embroidery
Code:   4MB01
Price:   90 AED

Color:   Yellow with Black embroidery
Code:   4MB02
Price:    90 AED

Color:   Blue with White Acrylic
Code:   4MB03
Price:   100 AED

Color:   White with Mirror Acrylic 
Code:   4MB04
Price:   100 AED

Color:   White
Description:    Heat Printed with a flock material heart
Code:   4MH01
Price:   175 AED

Color:   Black/Dark Grey
Description:    Flock Material Print 
Code:   4MH02
Price:   180 AED 

"Hakuna Mtata
Color:   Burgundy
Description:    Gold Vinyl Print 
Code:   4MH03
Price:   175 AED 

"Fries Victory" 
Color:   Sky Blue 
Description:    Embroidery
Code:   4MH04
Price:   180 AED 

"Speak of the Devil" 
Color:   Crimson Red
Description:    3D Devil wings with Black velvet ears filled with fine cotton
Code:   4MH05
Price:   200 AED 

"The Fault in our Diet, MACHBOOS" 
Color:   Sky Blue 
Description:    Print
Code:   4MH06
Price:   150 AED 

"OKAY (Arabic)" 
Color:   Sky Blue 
Description:   Print
Code:   4MH07
Price:   150 AED / 250 AED (Couple set)

"OKAY (English)" 
Color:   Sky Blue 
Description:   Print
Code:   4MH08
Price:   150 AED / 250 AED (Couple set)

"The Family" (Customised)
Color:   White, Black, Crimson, Burgundy, Sky Blue
Description:   Flock Material Print
Code:   4MH10
Price:   180 AED

Color:   White, Black, Crimson, Burgundy
Description:   Print
Code:   4MH11
Price:   110 AED

Color:   White
Description:   Print
Code:   4MH12
Price:   130 AED

"This is my #SELFIE Hoodie" (Customised)
Color:   White / Black
Description:   Print
Code:   4MH13
Price:   110 AED

Instagram: @HOUTDubai
- Whatsapp: +971509417555

  • Dubai/Sharjah/Ajman - 30 DHS 
  • Abu Dhabi/Ras AlKhaimah/Um AlQuwain/Al Ain - 45 DHS 
  • Other country - *DEPENDS ON THE WEIGHT*