Friday, February 07, 2014

Morphine Collection

-   Suitable for both Males & Females (UNISEX).
-   Prices are fixed and will not change with big quantity order.
-   Size chart :
-   Ordering through Email, Blackberry messenger or Whatsapp
-   You are able to adjust the sleeves by making the hoodie sleeveless or tshirt sleeved

"Original Gangster" 
Color:   Black with White embroidery
Code:   4MB01
Price:   90 AED

Color:   Yellow with Black embroidery
Code:   4MB02
Price:    90 AED

Color:   Blue with White Acrylic
Code:   4MB03
Price:   100 AED

Color:   White with Mirror Acrylic 
Code:   4MB04
Price:   100 AED

Color:   White
Description:    Heat Printed with a flock material heart
Code:   4MH01
Price:   175 AED

Color:   Black/Dark Grey
Description:    Flock Material Print 
Code:   4MH02
Price:   180 AED 

"Hakuna Mtata
Color:   Burgundy
Description:    Gold Vinyl Print 
Code:   4MH03
Price:   175 AED 

"Fries Victory" 
Color:   Sky Blue 
Description:    Embroidery
Code:   4MH04
Price:   180 AED 

"Speak of the Devil" 
Color:   Crimson Red
Description:    3D Devil wings with Black velvet ears filled with fine cotton
Code:   4MH05
Price:   200 AED 

"The Fault in our Diet, MACHBOOS" 
Color:   Sky Blue 
Description:    Print
Code:   4MH06
Price:   150 AED 

"OKAY (Arabic)" 
Color:   Sky Blue 
Description:   Print
Code:   4MH07
Price:   150 AED / 250 AED (Couple set)

"OKAY (English)" 
Color:   Sky Blue 
Description:   Print
Code:   4MH08
Price:   150 AED / 250 AED (Couple set)

"The Family" (Customised)
Color:   White, Black, Crimson, Burgundy, Sky Blue
Description:   Flock Material Print
Code:   4MH10
Price:   180 AED

Color:   White, Black, Crimson, Burgundy
Description:   Print
Code:   4MH11
Price:   110 AED

Color:   White
Description:   Print
Code:   4MH12
Price:   130 AED

"This is my #SELFIE Hoodie" (Customised)
Color:   White / Black
Description:   Print
Code:   4MH13
Price:   110 AED

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  • Dubai/Sharjah/Ajman - 30 DHS 
  • Abu Dhabi/Ras AlKhaimah/Um AlQuwain/Al Ain - 45 DHS 
  • Other country - *DEPENDS ON THE WEIGHT*