How do we pay for the hoodies?

Once your order has been delivered to your house, you should give the delivery man the money for H*OUT to receive.

Sometimes we will be asking you to send a deposit if lots of hoodies were order. 

When do we receive the hoodies?

It depends on the design you order, We don’t get the hoodies ready made.

We start the order from scratch and sometimes it takes a lot of time to make. Sorry for the inconvenience, But we try our best to improve our service by having them ready before they're ordered. 

How long does it take for a hoodie to be done?
It depends on the design you order, the more detailed the design the more time it takes.

How long does it take for senior hoodies to be done?
I get them done as soon as I receive the hoodies from the factory. Other details is to be discussed by me and the customer. 

How do we get H*OUT Update?
To get H*OUT Updates you should contact us through BBM/Email/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and H*OUT's other social feeds. 
you can find our contact page on http://h-out.blogspot.com/p/contact-us.html

If we ignore/do not reply on the delivery company call, what happens? 
Any hoodie that I receive again, 10 DHS will be added to the order for the delivery. If you are willing to cancel the order, you have to pay 100 DHS per hoodie/crewneck if it's been processed OR 200 DHS for a customised hoodie/crewneck.

Do you accept cancellation on H*OUT Orders? 
We only cancel an order within 24 hours of receiving it. No cancellation can be made after the 24 hours of receiving the order UNLESS the customers is willing to pay 200 AED per H*OUT DUBAI Garment. 

What time do we receive the hoodies?
We send the hoodies to the delivery company, and they would call you in the morning/evening. They choose the timing, not me. 

Are the hoodies thick?
They are not too thick such as Winter-Wonderland hoodies! The cotton is around 200-250gsm that is placed in the hoodie/crewneck which is quite thin and suitable for UAE's weather. However, Now - We provide our customers seasonal material hoodies/crewnecks by using french terry material for summer and cotton fleece for winter. 

Can we customize our own hoodies/crewneck?
Yes, You can customize your own hoodie BUT, You have to pay me a deposit so I know 100% Sure you will buy it/receive it later on. 

Do we get a refund if we did not like the hoodie/crewneck?
H*OUT always tries to satisfy their customers with what they have ordered. Refund is not possible unless the product is damaged, we are able to repay you half of the price you got it for OR exchange the product with the same design but different size. 

How do we avoid our hoodie/crewneck to shrink or the Print to be ruined?
All H*OUT Garment should be dry cleaned. 

Why do we need to agree on the 'Terms & Conditions' that has been set out by H*OUT Dubai? 
This allows you to understand how H*OUT runs and this also confirms that we are selling a product on our site. With Terms & Conditions, it will also allow the customers to understand more about H*OUT so no problems occur later on in the future.

Any more Questions, Please do comment below and we will
 reply as soon as possible. 

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