Sunday, December 09, 2012

Make it POP! Collection

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160 DHS

Spike it UP.
300 DHS

Bu Shanab 
145 DHS
 (Mustache in black velvet material with the dots embroidered )

Ghawa Bucks
130 DHS 

غنغم . ستـايـل 
100 DHS

Ain't no Heel high Enough
200 DHS
 ( Golden Studs stitched on the Heels )

 165 DHS
 ( Ears Stitched on the Hood, Eyes and Nose embroidered )

AYE S/he's mine
BOTH Hoodie: 250 Dhs
Single Hoodie: 150 Dhs 

Y  O  L  O  
120 DHS

130 DHS

Delivery Charge:

  • Dubai /SHJ / Ajman - 30 Dhs
  • AD / Fujairah / ALAIN / RAK / UAQ - 45 Dhs 
  • Out Of the UAE - *Depends on the Weight 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

STD: American University of Dubai's National Day

As you heared, H*OUT has signed up for AUD's National day celebration and .... we will be having our new collection samples on show. You will be able to order and have a look at our new collection! Come by and join the fun! 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

AUD's National Day? it was just FANTASTIC 
If you missed it? Too bad. *hmph*, Was looking forward for the skydive team but too bad they cancelled for the bad weather, however everything in the event ran just PERFECT.  

We were at our stall (Moaza & Mohammed) waiting for our beloved customers to visit, Too bad none of them came by, perhaps 1 or 2 ? However, We really did expect more customers. But at the end, We really did have fun at the event. 

Sheikh Mayed bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum came by the stalls by 8:30 and checked out our stalls and products. 

We would like to say that we were very proud and happy to have sponsored Emirates Diaries give away competition that was said out loud at the end of the event. We would also like to thank Khaleeji Club for their wonderful event planning and their wonderful national day celebration. We met lots of entrepreneurs and customers which really showed interest towards our business! It was just fanatic. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Call it 'Random' Collection - YEC'12

These were the hoodies that we've sold at Young Entrepreneur Competition 12' 
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This is my first collection that I have ever leased, Hope you like it! More to come 
- - - - - - - - - 

Mickey Mouse 
160 Dhs

Minnie Mouse
160 Dhs

Dinosaur (White)
200 Dhs

I'm Sexy & I Know it 
120 Dhs 

I'm not the Bomb, I'm the WHOLE Freaking EXPLOSION!  
120 Dhs

To Infinity & Beyond 
 130 Dhs  

Dinosaur (Green)
200 Dhs 

If i had a "British Accent" I Would NEVER Shut up!
Plain Hoodie with No Dinosaur Back: 100 Dhs 
With Dinosaur Back: 130 Dhs  


Dubai/Shj/Ajm - 30 Dhs
AD/ Fujairah./AlAin / UAQ / RAK- 45 Dhs 
Outside The Country - *Depends on the Weight* 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

H*OUT 's story and Experience @ YEC

​So I bet your wondering what H*OUT means? and why did I choose that name for my business. Well to be honest this is how H*OUT story starts ... 
My story begun by sketching hoodies and drawing random tdesigns, This is when I realized that I should start a business of my own to share my creativity with everyone.  
" A New unique business found by a very ambitious Emirati lady which realized that SWAG should be worn around. " 
So people kept telling me that my business will fail and I won't be gaining any consumers through life and events that I've signed up for, but unfortunately I passed! (Thank God) My business was successful by gaining lots of customers and interest! ... however I need YOUR help and your support through my business to grow, succeed &  SURPRISE YOU with my best designed hoodies!   

"H*OUT is known to be the first Emirati hoodie business and I'm proud of this fact." 
Our Stall at Young Entrepreneur Competition 
Started my business at Young Entrepreneur Competition that has been held by H.H Shk.Hamdan Bin Mohammed AL Maktoum - 2012, The reason of starting it at YEC was to show people what I'm capable of doing, my talent as an entrepreneur and to introduce my business to the people surround us. 

I hope I have the chance to expand my business by introducing other products which customers would LOVE to buy! 

I was sponsored by ZAJEL&BLINKEXPRESS who really did help me through my business, If it wasn't for ZAJEL & Blinkexpress,  we wouldn't have been able to start H*OUT.



Y o u n g . E n t r e p r e n e u r . C o m p e t i t i o n . P i c t u r e s  

Rashid Bin Hussain With Baby Khalifa

Bishr Bin Bishr 

Yec' Days . . . Will NEVER be Forgotten                             

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Its Just the Beginning H*OUT . . .

Hello, This is my first post about my business " H*OUT " 
This business has been planned for years but never introduced (To the: UAE), But at-last! My ambitious dreams made me succeed!   

Hoodies were the one, How did I get the idea of this ? 
Why did I choose hoodies? Who inspired me? Well the answers to these questions are simple. I had my friends and the public to help me get some surveys to be answered by voting what they would like to get from a clothing business and most of the answers were hoodies! 
Which is really something unique and no one has made it before which encouraged me to create H*OUT. Hoodies became a big trend now a days. Another reason why I chose hoodies is not only because people wanted me to do it but because hoodies were just something that made people cozy, happy and comfortable and that's the result that I want customers to have once they get a H*OUT

That's whats H*OUT 's all about... Being Special.  

Who inspired me to start this business were my family&friends and other entrepreneurs who succeeded their dreams such as Amal AlMuheen (Interior Designer), Fatma Al Nabooda (BASH), Hessa Hareb (V.I.B),  Hind Beljafla (DASand much more. 
Starting up this business was not that easy, its was tough - But by challenging myself, I became Successful. You will ALWAYS succeed if you fight and believe on the thing your doing.

My aim of this business is to succeed my dreams, Which we will reveal later on (I Hope). 

Being alone in this business shows others everything is possible, Might be hard but it shows how strong you are.  I have faced lots of tough moments through 2011-(So on) but it did not stop me from building on to the business. 

I thank our wonderful sponsor Zajel which helped  me through YEC'12 and still continue to help me throughout my business.
Yours Sincerely, Love from 
Moaza AK