Wednesday, November 28, 2012

STD: American University of Dubai's National Day

As you heared, H*OUT has signed up for AUD's National day celebration and .... we will be having our new collection samples on show. You will be able to order and have a look at our new collection! Come by and join the fun! 

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AUD's National Day? it was just FANTASTIC 
If you missed it? Too bad. *hmph*, Was looking forward for the skydive team but too bad they cancelled for the bad weather, however everything in the event ran just PERFECT.  

We were at our stall (Moaza & Mohammed) waiting for our beloved customers to visit, Too bad none of them came by, perhaps 1 or 2 ? However, We really did expect more customers. But at the end, We really did have fun at the event. 

Sheikh Mayed bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum came by the stalls by 8:30 and checked out our stalls and products. 

We would like to say that we were very proud and happy to have sponsored Emirates Diaries give away competition that was said out loud at the end of the event. We would also like to thank Khaleeji Club for their wonderful event planning and their wonderful national day celebration. We met lots of entrepreneurs and customers which really showed interest towards our business! It was just fanatic. 

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