Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Memories of YEC 2013

Hello wonderful readers.. customers and fans of H*OUT. 

As you heard a couple days ago, H*OUT had a kiosk at YEC and yes, I've show cased this unique collection which was 'Limited Crewneck Edition' collection which was sold only in YEC Dubai 2013.

I had great helpers such as Ghanim Hableel, Mozoon Al Mehairi, Abdulla Bin Adi, Bishr Bin Bishr, Nahed Al Suwaidi and Ahmad Belhoul Al Mehairi helping me through this wonderful event. If It wasn't for them, I would have failed this competition. 

One of my best experience at YEC (again), was meeting new people and building up memories that cannot be replaced. I've worked so hard and knew how to have good contact with our customers and deal with situations such as 'how am I going to present my crewnecks', 'Which sizes are sold the most?' and basically be more organised by setting all sizes separately with a sample to show them which allowed them to agree on a size. I also loved looking at young talented entrepreneur and look at new different ideas that no one made before. 

Another exciting news I got for you readers! As we have presented our work in a different way and tried our best to gain consumers in YEC, we also got an investor which is quite pleased with our work and basically this made my day completly! Why? Because I never knew that an investor might be interested in crewnecks and hoodies. I also got lots of interviews such as YEC, American University Of Sharjah, Parween Habib and so on. 

I was delighted to have met Parween Habib and Madeliene Matar at Young Entrepreneur 

Competition and having them to support my business and myself. It was a good 'once in a lifetime'  moment. 

Finally, as an overall I would like to thank YEC staff and his highness Sheikh Mayed Bin Rashed AL MAKTOUM for allowing us to have this amazing idea and experience of entrepreneurship and to help us gain confidence and pride towards our country, The United Arab Emirates. As I mentioned previously; I fully thank my helpers Ghanim Hableel, Mozoon Al Mehairi, Abdulla Bin Adi, Bishr Bin Bishr, Nahed Al Suwaidi, Ahmad Belhoul Al Mehairi, Ali Al Janahi, Femia and Jenny for their enthusiastic support in YEC 2013 and for helping me towards everything in YEC.
I also thank all customers and public supporters which allowed me to gain confidence towards myself and towards my business. I thank all buyers from the UAE for some of you came to Dubai just to visit my kiosk. Thanking everyone is not enough for you deserve more! 

Hope to sign up next year! Don't forget, If you got a H*OUT crewneck, Wear it! *Capture* and send it to me! How? Check out 
Goodluck x 

- Moaza AK 

Here are some photo's taken (YEC): 

Thank you again and have a Wonderful day ! 

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