Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Its Just the Beginning H*OUT . . .

Hello, This is my first post about my business " H*OUT " 
This business has been planned for years but never introduced (To the: UAE), But at-last! My ambitious dreams made me succeed!   

Hoodies were the one, How did I get the idea of this ? 
Why did I choose hoodies? Who inspired me? Well the answers to these questions are simple. I had my friends and the public to help me get some surveys to be answered by voting what they would like to get from a clothing business and most of the answers were hoodies! 
Which is really something unique and no one has made it before which encouraged me to create H*OUT. Hoodies became a big trend now a days. Another reason why I chose hoodies is not only because people wanted me to do it but because hoodies were just something that made people cozy, happy and comfortable and that's the result that I want customers to have once they get a H*OUT

That's whats H*OUT 's all about... Being Special.  

Who inspired me to start this business were my family&friends and other entrepreneurs who succeeded their dreams such as Amal AlMuheen (Interior Designer), Fatma Al Nabooda (BASH), Hessa Hareb (V.I.B),  Hind Beljafla (DASand much more. 
Starting up this business was not that easy, its was tough - But by challenging myself, I became Successful. You will ALWAYS succeed if you fight and believe on the thing your doing.

My aim of this business is to succeed my dreams, Which we will reveal later on (I Hope). 

Being alone in this business shows others everything is possible, Might be hard but it shows how strong you are.  I have faced lots of tough moments through 2011-(So on) but it did not stop me from building on to the business. 

I thank our wonderful sponsor Zajel which helped  me through YEC'12 and still continue to help me throughout my business.
Yours Sincerely, Love from 
Moaza AK 


  1. goodluck in whatever your using ur blog for ;p lol

    1. Thank you S3eed,

      We use this blog to update our customers by uploading pictures of our collections.