Tuesday, April 10, 2012

H*OUT 's story and Experience @ YEC

​So I bet your wondering what H*OUT means? and why did I choose that name for my business. Well to be honest this is how H*OUT story starts ... 
My story begun by sketching hoodies and drawing random tdesigns, This is when I realized that I should start a business of my own to share my creativity with everyone.  
" A New unique business found by a very ambitious Emirati lady which realized that SWAG should be worn around. " 
So people kept telling me that my business will fail and I won't be gaining any consumers through life and events that I've signed up for, but unfortunately I passed! (Thank God) My business was successful by gaining lots of customers and interest! ... however I need YOUR help and your support through my business to grow, succeed &  SURPRISE YOU with my best designed hoodies!   

"H*OUT is known to be the first Emirati hoodie business and I'm proud of this fact." 
Our Stall at Young Entrepreneur Competition 
Started my business at Young Entrepreneur Competition that has been held by H.H Shk.Hamdan Bin Mohammed AL Maktoum - 2012, The reason of starting it at YEC was to show people what I'm capable of doing, my talent as an entrepreneur and to introduce my business to the people surround us. 

I hope I have the chance to expand my business by introducing other products which customers would LOVE to buy! 

I was sponsored by ZAJEL&BLINKEXPRESS who really did help me through my business, If it wasn't for ZAJEL & Blinkexpress,  we wouldn't have been able to start H*OUT.



Y o u n g . E n t r e p r e n e u r . C o m p e t i t i o n . P i c t u r e s  

Rashid Bin Hussain With Baby Khalifa

Bishr Bin Bishr 

Yec' Days . . . Will NEVER be Forgotten                             

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